Health Insurance for Children

Child Only Health Insurance Program – Not as Many Options, But Assurant Is one

As a parent, it used to be pretty straightforward to secure quality health insurance for your child. You simply added them onto an existing policy or you purchased a child only plan from a trusted provider. However, with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the insurance industry has made a few changes, making it more difficult to find medical coverage for a child without a parent or guardian on the policy. There are certainly fewer options available for the consumer, but it is possible to find quality coverage, you simply need to know where to look.

Health Care Reform and Industry Changes

No one would argue the health insurance industry is problem free. In fact, with increasing costs of medical care affecting premiums and availability issues, it’s difficult to secure quality coverage for yourself and your family. As part of the new requirements, health insurance providers are no longer allowed to refuse coverage to children with pre-existing conditions. While this seems like a change for the better, it has had a devastating effect on the insurance companies. In efforts to maintain profitable, many major carriers have opted to discontinue offering child only plans, leaving many consumers scratching their heads wondering what to do.

Finding Another Alternative

For many parents, adding a child to a group plan is simply not a cost effective solution. Group insurance is typically quality coverage, but the cost increase when adding dependents is unsustainable for most. There are companies that continue to offer child only coverage, but finding a quality provider is challenging. Besides, if you find affordable rates, there’s no guarantee benefits will be delivered on time or at all. As a parent, you need a solution that is not only affordable, but reliable and trustworthy.

Assurant Health as a Cost-Effective, Dependable Solution


Assurant Health is a leading insurance provider that has been providing quality coverage for families like yours for generations.  A well-respected and trusted company, Assurant is one of the few leading carriers still offering child only health insurance. Assurant health Access Plans are customizable, giving you the most flexibility available. Considering the unique medical needs of children, a policy with Assurant ensures you get coverage you’ll use like doctor’s visits, emergency room care, even prescriptions. It’s a cost effective solution and reliable coverage you can trust. Plus, with no deductible, Assurant plans give you peace of mind your child has access to medical care when they need it. Go here to learn more:


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